Master’s Program

You do not need a degree in computer science nowadays to be able to “work with computers”: computers are becoming ever more user-friendly.  However, there is intense demand for computer professionals in many fields where a deeper and principled understanding of computer and information systems is needed, from developing rich applications integrated with a database back-end, to interoperability of software with complex network infrastructure, to consulting opportunities involving optimization of client software and hardware. With a master’s degree you become a professional with knowledge of the underlying principles of the main areas of computer and information systems and theory, and hands-on experience enabling you to participate in development of new systems. Upon graduation, when confronted with a new technical challenge, you will have sufficient facility with basic Computer Science techniques and methods to research the technical literature in search of a solution, to adapt existing methods, and to devise and implement new methods.

Requirements for the MS Degree

A total of eight computer science graduate courses must be completed, including five breadth courses courses (at least one course from each of the four breadth Areas). To satisfy the breadth requirement, the number of courses with a grade of B- must not exceed those with grade B+ or higher. A grade of B- or better must be earned for any graduate course.

In addition, either a master’s project or thesis must be completed.

Learn more:  Read the Computer Science Graduate Bulletin.

NEW!  Masters in CS with Specialization in Cyber Security

New for 2013 is a new Masters in Computer Science with specialization in Cyber Security.  Learn more at the specialization homepage.

Apply Today!

To apply to the Masters program, please fill out an online application.
As of September 2012, the Computer Science Department offers a Master of Science, and no longer offers a Master of Arts. Please note that some sites may not be updated to reflect this change.

Deadlines are May 1st for Fall admission and November 1st for Spring admission. The department reviews Masters applications on a rolling basis to expedite admissions decisions and we aim to make admissions recommendations within four weeks of receiving a completed application.

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