DBLab People


Evimaria Terzi

My research interests are in the area of algorithmic data mining with emphasis on social-network analysis, analysis of sequential data, ranking, clustering and bioinformatics.

George Kollios
My interests lie in indexing in spatial, spatio-temporal, and multi-media databases, approximation algorithms for database management systems, and secure data management



Graduate Students

Behzad Golshan

Before coming to BU I received a degree in Software Engineering from Tehran University.
I am interested in data mining and artificial intelligence. I also love music — I play violin, and I try to compose simple melodies as a hobby.

Charalampos (Harry) Mavroforakis
I work with Evimaria Terzi and George Kollios. My research focuses on Graph Mining, Machine Learning, and Database Security. I am also interested in Big Data and Computational Biology.

Xianrui Meng

My research primarily lies on data/cloud security and cryptography, but I maintain interests in various aspects of theory and systems, including applied and theoretical cryptography, algorithms and complexity.

Sofia Nikolakaki

Bashir Rastegarpanah

My research interests are in the areas of machine learning, data mining, and network science. Currently, my focus is on characterizing large and complex networks and network dynamics. My PhD research is a joint work with the networking group at BU.

Natali Ruchansky

After receiving a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at BU, I decided to stay and pursue a PhD. I’m interested in the algorithmic aspects of data mining, graph theory, mathematics, and networks. I also have a deep love of art – drawing, painting, and photography.

Baichuan Zhou

I’m a Ph.D. student in Data Management Group in Computer Science Department of Boston University.
I’m currently working with Professor George Kollios about probabilistic graph mining.

Haohan Zhu

I attended Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Science where I earned (respectively) received B.E in Electronic Science and Technology and M.E in Computer Science and Technology.
My advisor is George Kollios and my interests are time-series data analysis, sequence data analysis, data mining algorithms, database management, and database querying and indexing


Dora Erdos
Post-doc (Now at Brown)

Esther Galbrun

Theodoros Lappas
Post-doc (Now at Stevens)

Vassilis Athitsos
Post-Doc (Now at UT Arlington)

George Brova
BA (Now at UIUC)

Bogdan Buricea
MA (Now at IBM Romania)

Ching Chang
MA (Now at Microsoft)

Justin Davis

Marios Hadjieleftheriou
Post-Doc (Now at Lion Cave Capital, LLC)

Feifei Li
PhD (Now at U of Utah)

Panagiotis Papapetrou
PhD ( Now at Aalto University)

Michalis Potamias
PhD (Now at Google)

Yangui Tao
MA (Now at EBay Inc)

Lisi Wand

Xuan Zhang
MA (Now at Oracle)