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New Paper on Cryptocurrency and Security from Prof. Goldberg

A new paper from Associate Professor Sharon Goldberg, PhD student Ethan Heilman, and University of Pittsburgh researcher Yuval Marcus discusses eclipse attacks on blockchains, how these attacks are carried out on the Ethereum network, and what steps should be taken to guard against such attacks. The paper, entitled “Low-Resource Eclipse Attacks on Ethereum’s Peer-to-Peer Network,” has received […]

Professor Chin awarded NIH Grant

Professor Chin (LISP Group) was awarded a 2-year grant from NIH (National Institute of Health)  under the BRAIN initiative to  create a head mountable miniature microscope (“miniscope”) that enables high speed (>1000 frames per second; FPS) voltage imaging of neural populations in brains using the theory of compressive sensing. Congratulations Professor Chin! 

Professor Chin awarded NSF Grant

Professor Chin (LISP Group) was awarded a 3-year grant from NSF (National Science Foundation) DMS (Division of Mathematical Sciences) to build a framework using advanced tools from random graph theory and spectral graph theory to carry out the quantitative analysis of the structure and dynamics of large graphs (or networks)  – with the focus of finding […]

BU CS Reflects on the Grace Hopper Celebration

In early October, over 18,000 people descended on Orlando, Florida for the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC), the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. For the second year in a row, Boston University (BU) was a high-level academic sponsor of the conference – the result of a collaboration between the Department of […]

CS Day 2017 Puts a Spin on Career Fairs

On Wednesday, September 27th, over 400 Boston University students and 20 companies convened in the Metcalf Ballroom for CS Day, an event aimed at showcasing the growth and research in the Department of Computer Science while also giving current CS students the opportunity to further their careers. Companies in attendance included many well-known organizations such […]

Professor Whiting Awarded Innovation Career Development Professorship

Congratulations to Professor Emily Whiting for being awarded an Innovation Career Development Professorship! This competitive, University-wide award reflects the outstanding and innovative work that Emily is conducting with the Department of Computer Science. See this link for more information from the Office of the Provost on Career Development Professorships. Congrats, Professor Whiting!

Tom Cheng and Ying Ye Win Best Student Paper at RTAS/CPS Week 2017

CS PhD students Zhuoqun Tom Cheng and Ying Ye along with their advisor, Professor Rich West, have received the Best Student Paper Award at the Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Application Symposium (RTAS)/Cyber-Physical System Week 2017 for their paper “Building Real-Time Embedded Applications on QduinoMC: A Web-connected 3D Printer Case Study.” Congratulations to Tom, Ying, […]

Professor Leo Reyzin Wins Best Paper Award at Eurocrypt 2017

Leo Reyzin, together with collaborators at IST Austria and UC Santa Barbara, received a Best Paper Award from the Eurocrypt 2017 conference for his work “Scrypt is Maximally Memory-Hard.” (  The paper solves a problem that has been open since 2009: does there exist a function with maximal memory hardness? A function is memory-hard if […]

Mark Crovella and BU CS alumnus Anukool Lakhina highlighted in Science Coalition report

Guavus, Inc., founded by BU CS alumnus Anukool Lakhina (CAS’01, GRS’01,’07) and Professor Mark Crovella, is featured in a report on the benefits of federally funded research that was released yesterday by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Science Coalition. The report, American-Made Innovation Sparking Economic Growth, documents the ways that this company and others are bringing to […]