BUSEC Available Positions

We are growing! Please see below for available opportunities…

Graduate Students at BU

There are open positions for students in the group. If you are already at BU and interested in our research, please consider taking one or more of the courses we offer.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

We love working with undergraduates and we have some exciting opportunities for highly motivated undergraduates at BU to do high-impact security research with us. Students that are interested in working with us should take our crypto course (CS 538), and have excellent programming abilities (C is an asset, but other languages work too), and be excited about writing crypto implementations, and/or analyzing empirical data. Please contact one of the faculty members in the group if you’d like to work with us!

(Please note that these opportunities are only available for undergraduate students that are currently at BU.)

New graduate admissions

We are admitting new students! If you are interested in our group, please apply to graduate program in Computer Science at Boston University.