Abbas Attarwala Changing Computer Science Learning

in Recent News
February 21st, 2017

In a recent BU Educational Technology article, Professor Abbas Attarwala describes how he has been using novel and creative methods in his teaching.  It’s quite interesting and inspiring!

From the article:

“I like my classrooms to be interactive and I try and make the learning experience of my students nonlinear,” says Attarwala. “I do use slides in my lecture, however slides are static and on many occasions important content is not easily understood by students.”

[…] Additionally, last semester Attarwala introduced “workshops” to his CS 131 syllabus. The workshops take place once a month for one to two hours, and Attarwala uses them to teach students an advanced topic or new technology in math or computer science. Students can gain a greater perspective on the course material, as well as add their knowledge of computer science and mathematics technologies like Haskell, Prolog, Git, or LaTeX to their CV.

“I am very fortunate that my BU students are so passionate and have responded well to these workshops,” says Attarwala. The success of the CS 131 workshops led him to expand workshops to his CS 132 and CS112 classes as well.

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