John Byers and George Kollios win this year’s IEEE ICDE Influential Paper Award

John Byers and George Kollios, along with their former PhD students Jeffrey Considine and Feifei Li, won this year’s IEEE ICDE Influential Paper Award for their 2004 IDCE paper. They are invited to present a reflection at ICDE 2014 in April.

Jeffrey Considine, Feifei Li, George Kollios, John W. Byers
Approximate aggregation techniques for sensor databases, ICDE 2004

ICDE Committee Citation: The paper describes novel methods to handle duplicate-sensitive aggregates over distributed datasets. It carefully extends the duplicate-insensitive Flajolet-Martin method, adapting it to require little computation and communication efforts, and make it robust to link losses. This work has been highly impactful in the area of sensor networks, and has been shown to be applicable to any setting with multiple data sources that may suffer network failures, such as distributed data centers of today.

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