Sharon Goldberg wins NSF Early Career award

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February 24th, 2014

Sharon Goldberg has won an NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award to
support her research and teaching efforts in internet security, in
particular her project “Centralized Authorities in Internet Security: Risk Assessment, Mitigation, and New Architectures.”

Congratulations to Sharon on this prestigious grant award, which is very
well deserved indeed!

“Centralized Authorities in Internet Security”:

Intellectual Merit: The proposed work solves fundamental problems in network security, and will move the community away from the same tired and broken solutions to more robust architectures that can withstand new threats without harming the systems they were designed to protect. The work will also contribute new techniques and directions to the computer science theory community.

Broader Impact: The proposed work has implications on the security of some of the Internet’s most crucial systems, as well as on the balance between Internet security and Internet freedom. The work will also influence design and policy decisions made by practitioners engaged in the standardization and adoption of Internet systems. The PI also plans to reach out to (a) young women through involvement in women’s STEM organizations, mentorship, and education, and to (b) high school students by providing professional development for high-school teachers offering a new course that touches on network security and technology policy (“CS Principles”). The proposal also include the development of a new “thread” in the undergraduate curriculum at BU on network security and technology policy, and supports the training of a number of graduate, undergraduate, and women students.