BUILDS Qualifies for Capture-the-Flag competition

CSAW website

BUILDS has qualified for the finals of NYU-Poly’s CSAW (Cyber-Security Awareness Week) Capture-the-Flag competition, an event in which teams from across the world compete to solve computer security challenges. We will be sending a team of four to the finals, which are at NYU-Poly, in Brooklyn, from Thursday, 14 November to Saturday, 16 November. Our team for finals will be:

Name Year of Graduation Major
Allan Wirth 2015 Computer Science
Danny Cooper 2014 Computer Science
Andrew Mohn 2014 Math
George Silvis, III 2014 Math/Ancient Greek

In addition, the following people participated in the qualifying round
this past weekend:

Name Year of Graduation Major
A.J. Trainor 2017 Computer Science
John Moore 2015 Computer Engineering
Lily Houghton 2016 Linguistics/Computer Science
Arjun Lamba 2015 Computer Science
Tony Faraco-Hadlock 2014 Computer Science
Huy Le 2016 Computer Science

Out of 1387 teams that participated in the preliminary round, we placed 26th, and out of the undergraduate teams eligible to qualify, we took 6th. BUILDS is pleased to represent Boston University in this internationally recognized competition.

You can find more information about the CSAW CTF competition at NYU-Poly’s website.

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