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Revising and attaching documents in INSPIR

Whenever you’re submitting an amendment that changes a document that already exists in INSPIR (such as a consent form or a HIPAA Waiver of Authorization form), “make a revision” to the current existing document in INSPIR instead of uploading a new document. Making the revisions to an existing document makes it easier for the IRB to compare the old version with the new version when checking that all of the changes have been made appropriately. It also helps both the IRB and the Investigator to more easily keep track of the current and approved versions of the study documents.  (The system always keeps the previous version, so don’t worry that you may lose the previous approved version.)

For a reminder on how to make revisions to existing documents, please follow the links below:



New Research Funding Opportunities

Every month the Office of the Associate Provost for Research distributes to the research community by e-mail a compilation of funding opportunities available through various agencies and federal sources. If you missed the e-mail or were not on the distribution list, here’s a link to a copy of the email  and the contact information of the Office if you have additional questions or want to be added to the list.

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