Raise funds for your project

Is your group planning a new and innovative project? How about a traditional event or service trip that could use some extra funding? Well, we may have you covered! BU’s offices of Student Activities, UROP, and Research have all partnered with Development & Alumni Relations to launch BU Crowdfunding—a crowdfunding platform for the BU community.

Apply today

BU Crowdfunding offers an opportunity to raise awareness and funding for your group by connecting with alumni, family, friends, and anyone with an interest in seeing your project succeed. Projects are selected on a rolling basis, based on these guidelines.

Please be sure you are leaving plenty of time between when you apply, and when you need the money. The campaign itself takes 10–12 weeks of active work, but it can also take 2–4 weeks for project approval, and another month to prepare your campaign. Raising thousands of dollars takes time and good planning. When you think you’re ready, look at your calendars and contact us ASAP: Please apply at least two months before you plan to launch your campaign (three or four before you need the money). If there isn’t enough time this year, start planning for next!

Why should I use BU Crowdfunding?

Because your group receives 100% of funds raised whether or not you reach your stated goal. And, even better, your donors are giving to a nonprofit, Boston University, so they get to deduct those gifts on their taxes! (Never underestimate the power of tax deductions when you’re asking for support from friends and family.)


Fill out the application below or contact crowdfunding@bu.edu for more information.