Important Announcement

25 April, 2018 at 7:07 AM


From BU Emergency Management


Today, April 25, Boston University’s Emergency Management Department will conduct an “active shooter” emergency preparedness exercise in Medical School Library, located in the Instructional Building, beginning at 11:50 a.m. to test the University’s Active Shooter emergency response plan. BU conducts exercises like these regularly to ensure readiness to act in the case of a real life situation. This exercise includes a limited number of staff and volunteers, who already have been identified. In addition, the BUMC Department of Public Safety, Boston University Police, Boston Police and Boston EMS will participate in this exercise.



Thank you.

Stephen A Morash

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Anthony Wallace (Fiction 1999), author of The Old Priest and finalist for the 2014 PEN/Hemingway Award.

Mark Wagner (Poetry 1991)

Albert Waitt III (Fiction 1999)

Dale Walkonen (Poetry 1973)

Christopher Wall (Playwriting 1996)

Bruce Ward (Playwriting 2006)

Jesse Wegman (Fiction 2001)

Amy Weingartner (1991)

Michael Weinreb (Fiction 2001)

Erica Weitzman (Poetry 1999)

George Weld (Poetry 1996)

Melissa Wessels (Fiction 2006)

Kathleen Wheaton (Fiction 1983)

Scott Whitaker (Poetry 1997)

Wendy White (Poetry 1984)

Melvin Wilk (1966)

Rachel Willems (Poetry 2008)

Andrew Wilson (Fiction 2006)

Jason Wilson (Fiction 1993)

Ryan Wilson (Poetry 2008)

Craig Sterling (James W. Wood) (Poetry 1993)

Caroline Woods (Fiction 2008)

Katherine Woodworth (Fiction 2007)

JoAnna Wool (Fiction 2001)

Stefanie Wortman (Poetry 2003)

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