Featured Alumni: R


Rishi Reddi (Fiction 2001) author of Karma and Other Stories, winner of the 2008 L. L. Winship/PEN New England Award.

Shelby Raebeck (Fiction 1987)

Alison Rakoske Hall (Fiction 1992)

Sheela Ramaprian (Fiction 1997)

Wendy Ranan (Poetry 1992)

Lynne Raughley (Fiction 1994)

Maia Rauschenberg (Poetry 2009)

Elizabeth Rees (Poetry 1987)

Matthias Regan (Poetry 1995)

Melanie Rehak (Poetry 1994)

Victoria Rentz (Fiction 2000)

Sharanya Retnakumar (Fiction 2012)

Kevin Rice (Playwriting 1999)

Pamela Rikkers (Fiction 1993)

Christopher Rizzo (Poetry 2001)

Christopher Robinson (Poetry 2007)

M. Lynda Robinson (Playwriting 2001)

Gretchen Robinson (Poetry 1991)

Matthew Roland (Playwriting 2000)

Julie Rold (Fiction 1996)

Peter Romanow (Poetry 1981)

Jennifer Rose (Poetry 1985)

Lisa Rosenberg (Poetry 1990)

Madelyn Rosenberg (Fiction 2002)

John Rosengren (Fiction 1994)

David Rosner (Fiction 1974)

Jason Roush (Poetry 1998)

Russel Rowland (Fiction 1992)

Richard Rubin (Fiction 1991)

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