Featured Alumni: P


Carl Phillips (Poetry 1993), author of eight books of poetry and recipient of the 2006 Academy of American Poets Fellowship. (Photo credit: Poetry on the Northside)

Christine Palamidessi Moore (Fiction 1991)

Carla Panciera (Poetry 1987)

Patricia Park (Fiction 2010)

Aidan Parkinson (Plays 1999)

Guillermo Parra (Poetry 1999)

Nathaniel Perry (Poetry 2004)

Sasenarine Persaud (Fiction 2006)

Sara Peters (Poetry 2008)

Jeffrey Pethybridge (Poetry 2000)

Jan Phillips (Fiction 1992)

Michael Pickard (Poetry 2005)

Jacqueline Pope (Poetry 1996)

Natasha Pratap (Fiction 1998)

Vanesha Pravin (Poetry 2009)

Jason Prentice (Fiction 2003)

Laina Pruett (Fiction 2011)

Sharon Pywell (Fiction 1989)

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