Featured Alumni: L


Jhumpa Lahiri (Fiction 1993) Pulitzer-Prize winning author of Interpreter of Maladies, The Namesake, and Unaccustomed Earth.

Hal LaCroix (Fiction 1983)

Michael Ladd (Poetry 1998)

Susanna Lamey (Poetry 2003)

Elizabeth Langemak (Poetry 2002)

William Lantry (Poetry 1990)

Sara Laschever (Fiction 1989)

Ginger Lazarus (Playwriting 1992)

Adelle Leiblein (Poetry 1985)

Ruth Lepson (Poetry 1972)

Michael Levine (Poetry 2002)

Swann Li (Fiction 2009)

Alice Lichtenstein (Plays 1983)

Matthew Liebowitz (Fiction 2004)

Claudia Limbert (Fiction 1980)

Jim Thurston Lindsey (Poetry 1976)

Miriam Lipson (Fiction 2012)

Deirdre Lockwood (Poetry 2000)

Gian Lombardo (Poetry 1981)

David London (Fiction 1992)

Melinda Lopez (Plays 2000)

Lilia Lopez-Chua (Poetry 1987)

Jessica Lott (Fiction 2004)

Jennifer Lowe (Poetry 1999)

Truong-Khoi Luu (Fiction 1996)

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