Featured Alumni: K


Daphne Kalotay (Fiction 1994), author of Calamity & Other Stories (Doubleday, 2005), Russian Winter (Harper, 2010), and Sight Reading (Harper, 2013).

Jeffrey Kahrs (Fiction and Playwriting 1992)

George Kalogeris (Poetry 1987)

Julie Kane (Poetry 1975)

Marisa Kantor Stark (Fiction 1998)

Kirun Kapur (Poetry 2000)

Katherine Karlin (Fiction 2001)

Aron Keesbury (Poetry 1996)

Ted Kehoe (Fiction 2006)

Joshua Kellar (2001)

Alice Lesch Kelly (Fiction 1992)

Janet Kenney (Playwriting 1998)

Langston Kerman (Poetry 2011)

David Khoury (Fiction 2004)

Marshall Klimasewiski (Fiction 1993)

Tracey Knapp (Poetry 2005)

Elizabeth Knies (Poetry 1999)

Anastasia Kolendo (Fiction 2007)

Madeline Kotowicz (Fiction 2008)

Daniel Kraines (Poetry 2011)

Lauren Kruskall (Fiction 2006)

Mari Kubo (Poetry 1976)

John Kuntz (Plays 2005)

Aviya Kushner (Poetry 1998)

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