Featured Alumni: H


Emily Hiestand (Poetry 1988), winner of the National Poetry Series award for Green the Witch-Hazel Wood (Graywolf Press, 1989), a Pushcart Prize, the Whiting Writers Award, and the Discovery/The Nation Award.

Devin Hahn (Fiction 2012)

Natasha Hakimi (Poetry 2012)

Lisa Hall (Plays 2004)

Maria Halovanic (Poetry 2007)

Emma Hawes (Poetry 2006)

Tunzel Hayes (Fiction 2001)

Margaret Hermes (Poetry 1996)

Meghan Hickey (Poetry 2001)

Lisa Hiton (Poetry 2011)

Nathan Hogan (Fiction 2009)

Donovan Hohn (Fiction 1997)

Katherine Hollander (Poetry 2006)

Lili Holodnak (Fiction 2003)

Soo Yeon Hong (Fiction 2012)

Elisabeth Houston (Poetry 2011)

Sung-San Hong (Poetry 1996)

Elizabeth Howard (Poetry 2010)

Jeff Howe (Fiction 2011)

Daniel Hunter (Plays 1999)

Jennifer Hurley (Fiction 1996)

Daniel Hurley (Fiction 1995)

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