Featured Alumni: G


Arthur Golden (Fiction 1988), bestselling author of Memoirs of a Geisha.

Jeffrey Galbraith (Poetry 1997)

Maclean Gander (1982)

Jon Garelick (Fiction 1984)

Annie Gauger (Fiction 2000)

Alessandra Gelmi (Poetry 1999)

Rebecca Kaiser Gibson (Poetry 1996)

Celia Gilbert (Poetry 1973)

Sarah Giragosian (Poetry 2007)

William Giraldi (Fiction 2004)

Ani Gjika (Poetry 2010)

Lara Glenum (Poetry 1998)

Eleanor Goodman (Poetry 2003)

L. E. Goldstein (Poetry 2012)

Charlotte Gordon (Poetry 1991)

David Grae (Fiction & Plays 1994)

Anastasia Graf (Poetry 2010)

David Grann (Fiction 1994)

Pamela Gray (Poetry 1980)

Heather Green (Poetry 2009)

Melissa Green (1982)

Robert O. Greer (Fiction 1989)

Leah Griesmann (Fiction 2005)

Sophie Grimes (Poetry 2011)

Eric Grunwald (Fiction 1999)

Ashis Gupta (Fiction 1973)

Peter Guralnick (Fiction 1968)

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