Featured Alumni: D


Rachel DeWoskin (Poetry 2000), University of Chicago creative writing professor and author of Big Girl Small, Repeat After Me, and Foreign Babes in Beijing

Peter Ho Davies (Fiction 1994)

Matthew Davis (Fiction 2007)

Shea Dean (Fiction 2000)

Richard Deese (Poetry 1995)

William Delman (Poetry 2006)

Artem Derkatch (Fiction 2012)

Maggie Dietz (Poetry 1997)

Leslie H. Dillen (Plays 2006)

Duy Doan (Poetry 2010)

Zayd Dohrn (Plays 2000)

Charles Donate (Fiction 2011)

Robin Dougherty (Poetry 1982)

Caitlin Doyle (Poetry 2008)

Colleen Doyle (Poetry 2010)

Adam Dressler (Poetry 2003)

Jacob Drew (Fiction 2005)

Lynn Dubinsky (Poetry 1998)

Valerie Duff (Poetry 1996)

Kristin Duisberg (Fiction 1999)

Peter Duval (Fiction 1995)

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