Featured Alumni: C


Christopher Castellani (Fiction 1999), bestselling author of A Kiss from Maddalena, The Saint of Lost Things, and All This Talk of Love

Jennifer Cacicio (Fiction 2008)

Ron Caldwell (Poetry 1988)

Peter Campion (Poetry 2001)

Rafael Campo (Poetry 1991)

Roberta Cashwell (Fiction 1977)

Benjamin Cavell (Fiction 2001)

Michelle Chalfoun (Fiction 1999)

Jean Charbonneau (Fiction 1998)

Emma Chastain (Fiction 2006)

Ashley Chow (Poetry 2011)

Basil Cleveland (Poetry 2005)

Glenn Clifton (Plays 2004)

Kathy Coen (Poetry 1992)

Clay Cogswell (Poetry 2007)

Megan Collins (Poetry 2007)

Jordan Coriza (Fiction 2008)

Morgan Cotton (Fiction 2011)

Louie Cronin (Fiction 1995)

Jake Cumsky-Whitlock (Poetry 2001)

Richard Curtis (Poetry 1995)

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