Featured Alumni: B


Erin Belieu (Poetry 1995), Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Florida State University

Henry Backer (Poetry 2009)

Peter Baida (Fiction 1973)

Susan Barba (Poetry 2012)

Brandy Barents (Poetry 2006)

Ellen Bass (Poetry 1970)

Matthew Battles (Fiction 1996)

Mary Baures (Poetry 1976)

Robin Becker (Poetry 1976)

Erin Belieu (Poetry 1995)

Deborah Bennett (Poetry 1995)

Barbara Blatner (Poetry 1973)

Jenna Blum (Fiction 1998)

Michael Bolus (Plays 1995)

Zachary Bos (Poetry 2009)

Daniel Bosch (Poetry 1991)

Matthew Boudway (Poetry 2006)

Marguerite Bouvard (Poetry 1977)

Paula Brady (Poetry 2007)

David Brainard (Fiction 2012)

Eve Bridburg (Fiction 1997)

Victorino Briones (Fiction 2000)

Michael Brokos (Poetry 2012)

MM Buckner (Fiction 1984)

Stephen Budd (Fiction 1997)

Jacqueline Buddie (Fiction 2007)

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