Financial Aid

Everyone who applies will be automatically considered for financial aid, save for those who check the box saying they do not need it. Our goal is to offer every student full tuition, often with a bit more in cash—a goal we have achieved in the past three years.

Total tuition for our students’ most common schedule (four writing workshops and two literature courses in fall and spring, two literature courses the following summer) was $36,410 for the 2012-2013 academic year. Our average total financial award for the class of 2012-2013 (not including global fellowships) was $40,522. The average total award including global fellowships was approximately $45,000.

We do this through a mixture of teaching stipends, tuition remission, lectureships, and awards—The Deutsch Fellowship, The Leslie Epstein Fellowship, The George Starbuck Fellowship, The Betsy Leonard Fellowship, The Saul Bellow Fellowship and a number of prizes. Outstanding African-American writers who are U. S. citizens may wish to apply for a Martin Luther King Fellowship, which offers full tuition and a generous additional stipend. Those wishing to apply for the Martin Luther King Fellowship must do so by February 1st.

The Marcia Trimble Fellowship in Fiction is given to one outstanding female fiction writer each year and provides a full scholarship plus an $8,500 stipend in the fall and spring semesters. Again, applicants need not apply separately for this; all will be considered.

Teaching Fellowships

Generally, everyone who wishes to teach will receive a Teaching Fellowship, in return for which the Fellow will teach an undergraduate workshop (limited to fifteen students) in creative writing for a single semester. Teaching Fellows receive basic Boston University health insurance in the semester in which they teach.

Each year four of our students, as BU/BAA Fellows, teach for a semester at the Boston Arts Academy—a Boston public pilot high school for painters , musicians, dancers, actors, composers, choreographers (think “Fame!”). For the right kind of person, this is an extraordinarily rewarding experience and a wonderful way to connect one’s own life to the community that surrounds us.

Global Fellowships

Please bear in mind that those who receive Global Fellowships after completing their degree—and we aim to give all those who apply  such fellowships—are in essence being awarded at least four thousand dollars in addition to their original aid package—and sometimes a good deal more.  You may read more about the Global Fellowships elsewhere on our web site—oh, I might as well say this much here: a most generous donor has made it possible for us to allow our students the opportunity to travel wherever they want to do whatever they want for up to three months after graduating from our program.  Iran! Nepal! Greenland! Bhutan! Cape Horn! Peru! That’s a few of the places our students have gone in the last two years. As you can see, we intend this to be not so much a vacation as a challenging adventure, one in the traveler will grow not only as a person but as an artist. Bon voyage!

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