Life in Boston

What else? Well, we are in Boston, which has no end of internationally known poets and novelists busily at work at one or another university or institute. The pages of the local papers are full of readings, talks, lectures, by and with these folks, and there is a wide web of literary life here (two of our students read chapters from works in progress at the New England branch of P.E.N. and were offered contracts for their novels only days later) to get happily stuck in or fly right by, as you wish. We are also the home of the Favorite Poem Project and the distinguished literary journal, AGNI. Our relationship to that magazine not only provides opportunities for our students to take part in its operation (as interns, readers, gophers, and even informal editorial assistants), but is a possible avenue of publication, as well, since quite a few of our poets and fiction writers were first published there and went on to publish books of poetry and novels of their own.

The city is expensive, a bit provincial, and troubled in various ways; but it is very beautiful, lively enough, and you can walk from our offices to Fenway Park and get a ticket for that evening’s game. Speaking of our offices, they are located on the second floor of an old and pleasant building on a charming street of turn-of-the-century townhouses. All our faculty, including the teaching fellows and our program coordinator, are grouped together pretty much around the lounge where many of the workshops are taught. If you twist your neck a little, you can see a bit of the Charles and sails dipping and tacking along it. For added convenience, the rest of the English Department takes up the top three floors.

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