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Upcoming Workshops for April 21 and 22 – Unified We are a Force: How Faith and Labor Can Overcome America’s Inequalities

Finding Deep Solidarity: At the Intersection of Faith and Work Friday April 21, 12:30-2:00p, Roundtable Discussion Saturday, April 22, 10:00am-12pm, Community Workshop on faith, work and deep solidarity involving us, our neighbors, BU folks, faith and labor leaders, and leaders for Black lives All events are free and open to the public and held at the BU […]

AAR and SBL 2016

 More than 1,200 events are part of the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meetings that will be held in San Antonio, TX this weekend. STH Practical Theology faculty and students will be among those presenting addresses and papers. They will also be sharing recently published works and about upcoming film […]

Praxis and Practice in Theology Conference

Practical theology is a discipline with many contexts and conversation partners, and our faculty are engaged in research initiatives that span the globe. In October, Dr. Claire Wolfteich gave a keynote address entitled “The study of practices: Investigations in Practical Theology and Spirituality Studies” at the Praxis and Practice in Theology Conference at Arhaus University in Denmark.

Work From Consultation on Preaching and Postcolonial Theology Published in Homiletic

The work from the Consultation on Preaching and Postcolonial Theology (hosted by the Center for Practical Theology in Fall 2014) has been published in the journal, Homiletic.  The articles published from the consultation include work by Yohan Go, David Schnasa Jacobsen, Duse Lee, Kwok Pui-lan, Pablo A. Jiménez, Lis Valle, Timothy Jones, and Sarah Travis. Access to these articles is […]

Social Justice Institute: Poverty, Race and Sexuality

Printable PDF The prophetic voices of ecumenical faith leaders became the catalyst for the Civil Rights movement for a ‘Righteous America.’ These faith leaders used their pulpits and sacred spaces to address their concerns for the least advantaged amongst them. The American society–founded on a hunger and thirst for religious freedom–was turning a deaf ear to […]

Association of Practical Theology to hold Biennial Meeting at BU

Practical theology is often described as a “bridge” discipline connecting scholarly resources with the concrete expressions of faith communities. For this reason, the School of Theology at BU is pleased to host the Association of Practical Theology’s 2010 meeting.  The conference will be held April 9-11, 2010. The 2010 conference theme is The Academy and […]