Feminist and Womanist Practical Theology

Dr. Courtney Goto
Dr. Courtney Goto

Courtney Goto, Pamela Lightsey, Mary Elizabeth Moore, and Shelly Rambo

Principle Investigators

Dr. Mary Elizabeth Moore

Feminist, womanist, mujerista, and Asian theologians, together with practical theologians, view theology as a “lived” and “living” discourse that meaningfully shapes human persons and communities in the life of faith. They share a common aim: to honor and give voice to human experiences in and through the images, symbols, and practices of particular religious traditions. They also share a common critique: the tendency in academic theology to divorce theory and practice, concept and context. To date, the relationship between feminist theology and practical theology has been minimally explored.

Professor Shelly Rambo

This research attempts to name a distinctive discourse of theological reflection taking place at the intersection of common commitments and critiques arising from within these respective disciplines. Bringing the disciplines together, we hope to find a unique feminist voice that translates across multiple contexts (church, academy, society, world). Our work re-energizes feminist theology—reclaiming dimensions that have been lost in the academic study of feminist theology—and marks a place for feminist thought within the emerging field of practical theology. We believe that exploring this relationship—this intersection—is timely and important for theological engagement and reflection within and beyond the academy.We believe that the intersection of these two discourses at this time yields a unique direction for theology in a 21st century context.

Dr. Pamela Lightsey

The Feminist/Womanist Project sponsors a series of seminars and lectures featuring: research in developmental stages; new publications; and special interest forums on such themes as teaching and culture-crossing.