Xochitl Alvizo

Ph.D.. in Practical Theology, Concentration: Congregation and Community

Xochitl Alvizo completed the Ph.D. in Practical Theology at Boston University with a concentration in Church and Community. She focuses on Congregational Studies, Ecclesiology, Feminist Theology, and the Emerging Church. Her dissertation involved a feminist analysis of the developing ecclesiology of emerging churches. She is in the ordination process with the (Christian Church) Disciples of Christ and co-founder of the Pub Church, Boston. She is also co-founder and daily project weaver of Feminism and Religion [www.feminismandreligion.com], an international online project that brings together a diversity of voices in feminism and religion at the intersection of scholarship, activism, and community. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Xochitl will continue to bring a feminist focus to theology and religion through her newly accepted tenure track position at California State University, Northridge. She will begin teaching classes in the fall as the Assistant Professor of Religious Studies in the area of Women and Religion and the Philosophy of Gender (LGBT), Sex, and Sexuality. California State University, Northridge ranks 10th in the country in awarding bachelor’s degrees to underrepresented minority students, fifth nationally in awarding master’s degrees to Hispanic students, and enrolls the largest number of deaf and hard-of-hearing students of any US state university. Xochitl looks forward to serving this diverse and vibrant community of students as well as continuing her research with Emerging and other new forms of church.