Patrick McLeod

Harvard Chaplain for Cru Cru Boston Director

  • Title Harvard Chaplain for Cru
    Cru Boston Director
  • Education Ph.D. in Practical Theology;
    Concentration: Evangelism

I have spent the past four years drawing upon my theological training and research on evangelism in an attempt to build a more faithful and fruitful culture of evangelistic practice within the Cru Boston ministry as well as the broader national and international Cru culture.  One particular manifestation of that effort has been the creation of an international partnership between Harvard Cru staff and students, University of Pretoria South Africa administrators and faculty, the U.S. embassy in South Africa, local high schools and churches in the Mameolodi township, and Campus Crusade for Christ South Africa.  Collectively these partners have created what appears to be a sustainable educational initiative that is helping to lift “at risk youth” out of economic poverty and a cycle of brokeness that exists around them.  The initiative is raising the number of Mamelodi students who are being admitted annually into South African Universities and who are engaging as volunteers in this and other Christian initiatives in the township.  

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