Karelynne Ayayo

Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies
Palm Beach Atlantic University
(561) 803-2536
Ph.D. in Practical Theology;
Concentration: New Testament

Other roles and titles:
Coordinator of Online Ministry Program
Coordinator of General Education
Theological Consultant, Campus Crusade for Christ International, Jesus Film for Women (2004-2005)


Book:  Ayayo, Karelynne Gerber and Henry Virkler.  Hermeneutics: Principles and Processes of Biblical Interpretation. 2nd ed.  Grand Rapids: Baker, 2007.


 “Magical Expectations and the Two-Stage Healing of Mark 8.” BBR. Forthcoming

 “Critical Thinking with Sally Student.” Teaching Theology and Religion.  Forthcoming Spring 2014.

 Contributed 27 articles to Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary, eds. Tremper Longman, Peter Enns, and Mark Strauss.  Baker, 2013.

 Contributed 3 articles to Lexham Bible Dictionary, ed. John Barry et al. Logos.

 Contributed 20 study articles to Archaeology Study Bible, eds. Duane Garrett and Walter Kaiser.  Zondervan, 2005.

 Presentation:  “Magical Expectations and the Two-Stage Healing of Mark 8.”  Evangelical Theological Society, November 2012.

Book Reviews:  Various book reviews in JETS.