Callid Keefe-Perry

Ph.D. Student in Practical Theology, Concentration: Religious Education

Concentration: Religious Education


B.A. University of Rochester
M.A.T. Earlham College
M.Div. Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School

My work focuses primarily on the potential for changes in our expression of the Divine to shift our experience of the Divine. I am interested in the intersection of creative and improvisational practices with religious education and spiritual formation. My work affirms and encourages elements of the aesthetic and poetic within traditional theological discourse.

My emphasis on the theopoetic is paired with a congregational call to clergy, encouraging them to tap into the wisdom and experience of the people they serve, allowing for minor voices to be heard, and communal hermeneutics to be developed and affirmed.

While I write from well within my own tradition of the Religious Society of Friends, methodologically I draw from a broad range of sources, frequently from Paul Ricoeur, John Caputo, Catherine Keller, and Rubem Alves.

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