Exploring Interdisciplinary Paradigms for Theological Education: Preaching and Theology from a Womanist Perspective

Dr. Shelly Rambo, Assistant Professor of Theology, Boston University School of Theology


Dr. Dale P. Andrews
Dr. Dale P. Andrews, formerly Martin Luther King Jr. Professor of Homiletics and Pastoral Theology at STH


This project introduced students and the Boston University School of Theology community to an interdisciplinary theological method and perspective that reflects the discipline of practical theology.  Womanist theology raises critical questions for preaching and lay ministries as they intersect and impact communities of faith, while also raising critical and timely questions about the nature of theological discourse.  Questioning the methods and central teachings of the Christian tradition, womanist scholars and clergy insist that theological reflection occur in conversation with the social dimensions of human life and the practices of ministry.  Therefore, this project sought to bring womanist theologians and clergy into the classroom setting and the School of Theology, in order to expand current theological resources and explore potential avenues for developing theological curricula.