Jae Guen Lee

Areas of InterestLee - Jae Guen

Evangelism, Popular Culture (Film, Music, Media, etc.), and Ecclesiology


Jae Guen Lee is from Seoul, Korea. He graduated from Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary in 1999 (M.div, Th.M), and experienced part/full time ministry in several local churches in Seoul from 1996 to 2005. He was ordained in 2002 under the Presbyterian Church of Korea. After coming to GTU at Berkeley, CA, in 2005, he was exposed to various academic disciplines such as theology, spirituality, culture, and psychology while doing MA program. As he finished up his journey to find a way to go, he decided to make an interdisciplinary study between theology and film in the doctoral program, and got admitted by Boston University School of Theology in 2008. He is now working on the film study with Dr. Bryan Stone in Practical Theology. His dissertation will be focused on a constructive, reciprocal dialogue between the Korean film and Christian faith (or theology). He is now living in Newton Centre with his wife, Hee-jung Kim, and 5-year-old boy, Yunseo Joel Lee, who loves to watch documentaries about whales and dolphins with his dad. Recently, Jae Lee enjoys swimming with his boy and is spending lots of money to be a good tennis player, too.