Because we live in an urban environment, the presence of pests at one time or another is inevitable. Our Charles River campus is bordered by the Charles River Reservation on one side and the rural neighborhood of Brookline’s Cottage Farm on the other, such pests can include not just bugs or rodents but skunks and raccoons as well.

What can I do to prevent infestations?

  • Avoid leaving food out at night.
  • Don’t leave dishes in the sink overnight.
  • Keep your room tidy, and empty trash frequently.
  • Don’t prop open outer doors for long periods.

What does the University do?

Boston University works with a vendor who provides turnkey pest management services. Exterminators regularly check kitchens for pests and always respond within the same day for pest control service requests. All exterminators report to the Department of Agriculture and have completed Purdue University entomology courses. They have also completed ServSafe sanitation courses that teach procedures for proper sanitation conditions.

If you think you have a pest problem, see Request Services or call the Operations & Services Center at 617-353-2105 if you are on the Charles River Campus or the Fenway Campus, or the Control Center at 617-358-4144 if you are on the Medical Campus. Here’s how to prepare for an exterminator’s visit:

  1. If you suspect a cockroach problem, please remove everything from your kitchen cabinets because it is easier for an exterminator to inspect the space when it is cleaned out.
  2. If you suspect you have a rodent problem, move everything a foot away from the wall so exterminators can check for holes and set appropriate traps.
  3. If possible, please be present when the exterminator comes so you can describe what you’ve seen and ask any pertinent questions.