CILSE – Construction Activity – Week of 2/19/17

8th Floor Write-Up Space Furniture

For the week of February 19, 2017:

The team will continue working on the fresh air intake plenum on the soffit on the Commonwealth Avenue side and the copper panel walls below the soffit. Installation of sealant around exterior fibreC panels and glass on the Cummington Mall side from floors 1 to 3 will continue.

Miscellaneous taping will continue on floor 1. Final painting will take place on floor 9. Installation of terrazzo will continue in the passenger elevator lobby and west lobby. Taping and painting will continue in the colloquium.

Epoxy painting will continue in the east and west stairs at night. Glass doors will be installed along the commons on floor 1. Flooring and millwork will continue in the fMRI room. Millwork panels will be installed in the first floor commons and the colloquium. Lab casework will continue on floors 1 and 9. Epoxy flooring will continue on floors 1 and 3. Air balancing and city inspections will be taking place throughout the next two weeks.

Police details will continue to man the construction gates along Commonwealth Avenue as well as the Blandford Mall loading dock to ensure public safety. The safety of our community is our highest priority, so we ask that you please pay close attention to posted signs, police, and safety personnel.

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