Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science
34th Annual Program

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Zilberman’s Modal Methodology: A New Approach to Philosophy-Building

October 18, 1993
Room 525, School of Theology
745 Commonwealth Ave

  • Helena Gourko, Boston University and University of Minsk

    Commentator: Leon Chernyak Boston University

  • Chairman: Robert S. Cohen Boston University

Pushing Against the Age An Inaugural Lecture

October 26, 1993
Barrister’s Hall
BU School of Law

  • Edwin Delattre, Boston University

  • Chairman: President John Silber Boston University

Computation, Psychology and Naturalization

November 1, 1993
Barrister’s Hall
BU School of Law

  • Stephen Horst, Wesleyan University

    Commentator: Sarah Patterson Tufts University

  • Chairman: Stephen Grossberg Boston University

Hilbert’s Philosophy of Mathematics A Symposium

November 8-9, 1993
Room 202, College of Liberal Arts
725 Commonwealth Ave

November 8th

Evening session, 8pm

  • Hilbert’s Constructive Model Theory

    Burton Dreben, Boston University

  • Finitism and Intuitive Knowledge

    Burton Dreben, Boston University

November 9th

Morning session, 9am – 12pm

  • Hilbert’s Formalism and the Arithmetization of Mathematics

    Judson Webb, Boston University

  • Finitism Versus Intuitionism

    Michael Detlefsen, University of Notre Dame

  • Hilbert and Positivism

    Warren Goldfarb, Harvard University

Afternoon session, 2pm – 6pm

  • Was Hilbert a Formalist?

    Jaakko Hintikka, Boston University

  • From the Arithmetic Continuum to All Numbers Great and Small

    Philip Ehrlich, Boston University

  • Hilbert and Set Theory

    Akihiro Kanamori, Boston University

  • Axiomatization of Geometry Based on Separatism Principles: Point and Line Apartness and Line Convergence

    Jan Von Plato, Academy of Science, Finland

Kinds and a New Approach to Commensurability

November 16, 1993
Room 525, School of Theology
745 Commonwealth Ave

  • Jed Buchwald, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Dibner Institute

    Commentator: Thomas Kuhn Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Chairman: Robert S. Cohen Boston University

Postmodern Non-Relativism: Imre Lakatos and Alasdair MacIntyre

November 19, 1993, 4pm
Room 525, School of Theology
745 Commonwealth Ave

  • Nancy Murphy, Fuller Theological Seminary

  • Chairman: Charles Griswold Boston University

Symbiosis, Evolution by Association: A Historic Perspective

December 2, 1993,
Room 525, School of Theology
745 Commonwealth Ave

  • Jan Sapp, York University, Toronto

    Commentator: Lynn Margulis University of Massachusetts

  • Chairman: Robert Tamarin Boston University

Reflections on Nature: Realism and the Comparative Sociology of Science A Symposium in Honor of Robert S. Cohen

December 15-16, 1993
Barristers Hall, School of Law
765 Commonwealth Ave.

December 15th

Afternoon session, 1pm – 5:30pm

  • Rethinking the Enlightenment

    Yehuda Elkana, Tel Aviv University

  • Nature, Gender and Practical Knowledge

    Caroline Whitbeck, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Realism, Constructivism, Conventionalism, and Scientific Progress

    Marx Whartofsky, Baruch College and Graduate Center, CUNY

  • Chairman: Leroy S. Rouner Boston University

Evening session, 8pm

  • Romantic Realism

    Erazim Kohak, Boston University

  • “Love hath reason, reason none

    Norman O. Brown, UC Santa Cruz

  • Chairman: Alfred I. Tauber Boston University

December 16th

Afternoon session, 2:30pm – 5:30pm

  • Some Reflections on Complementarity

    Abner Shimony, Boston University

  • The Natural Sciences in their Multiple Contexts

    Stephen Toulmin, University of Southern California

  • Chairman: Charles Griswold Boston University

Evening session, 8pm

  • Realism and the Unity of Science

    Rudolf Haller, Karl Franzens – Universitat Graz

  • The Joys and Sorrows of the Vienna Circle in Exile

    Gerald Holton, Harvard University

  • Chairman: Adolf Grunbaum University of Pittsburgh

Sakharov and the Soviet Atomic Project

January 20, 1994
Room 525, School of Theology
745 Commonwealth Ave

  • Gennady Gorelik, Institute for the History of Science and Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences

    Commentator: Philip Morrison, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Chairman: S.S. Schweber Brandeis University

The Foundations of American Bioethics A Symposium

February 7, 1994
Conference Auditorium, George Sherman Union
775 Commonwealth Ave

Morning session, 8:30am – 12pm

  • Historical and Philosophical Roots of Medical Ethics: An Overview

    Michael Grodin, Boston University

  • The Principled Approach: Principles, Rules, and Actions

    Raymond Devettere, Emmanuel College
    Commentator: Robert Truog, Harvard University

  • The Communitarian Critique: Theology and Virtue

    Thomas Shannon, Worcester Polytechnical Institute
    Commentator: Ralph Potter, Harvard University

  • Chairman: Michael Grodin, Boston University

Afternoon session, 1:30pm – 5:30pm

  • Dominance of law in American Bioethics

    George Annas, Boston University
    Commentator: Jay Healy, University of Connecticut

  • Medical Stories: Narrative and Phenomenological Approaches

    Martha Montello, Harvard University
    Commentator: Lachlan Forrow, Harvard University

  • Power, Oppression, Class and Gender: The Feminist Critique

    Margaret Farley, Yale University
    Commentator: Adrienne Asch, Boston University

  • Chairpersons: Wendy Mariner and Leonard Glantz, Boston University

Evening session, 8pm

  • Towards a Philosophy of Medicine: From the Norm to the Ideal

    Alfred I. Tauber, Boston University

    Chairman: Dennis D. Berkey, Boston University

Aristotle’s Epistemology and Methodology A Symposium

February 15, 1994
Barristers Hall, School of Law
775 Commonwealth Ave

Afternoon session, 2pm – 5:30pm

  • Varieties of Aristotelian Dialectic

    Arthur Madigan, Boston College

  • Circular Wounds and Mathematical Beauty: Kind-Crossing in Aristotelian Science

    Williams Wians, Boston University

  • The Conceptual Assumptions of Aristotle’s Methodology

    Jaakko Hintikka, Boston University

  • Chairman: John Murdock, Harvard University

Evening session, 8pm

  • Teleology in Aristotelian Science and Metaphysics

    Charlotte Witt, University of New Hamphire

  • “Better known to us, and better known in nature”

    Aryeh Kosman, Haverford College

  • Chairwoman: Gisela Striker, Harvard University

Erotetic Logic: A Dialogue

February 22, 1994
Room 525, School of Theology
745 Commonwealth Ave

  • The Logic of Questions as a Theory of Erotetic Arguments

    Andrzej Wisniewski, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland

  • What is the Answer to This Question (Or Any Other?)

    Sylvain Bromberger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Modeling Revolutionary Temperament: Empirical Studies in Science and Social Thought

March 3, 1994
Room 525, School of Theology
745 Commonwealth Ave

  • Frank Sulloway, Dibner Institute and Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Commentator: Zella Luria, Tufts University

  • Chairman: Victor Kestenbaum, Boston University

What’s Social About Constructivism?

March 17, 1994
Room 525, School of Theology
745 Commonwealth Ave

  • Jan Golinski, Dibner Institute and University of New Hampshire

    Commentator: Evelyn Fox Keller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Chairman: Sahotra Sarkar, Dibner Institute

Artificial Reality: Simulations Between Experiment and Theory

March 29, 1994
Room 525, School of Theology
745 Commonwealth Ave

  • Peter Galison, Harvard University

    Commentator: Hilary Putnam, Harvard University

  • Chairman: Alfred I. Tauber, Boston University

Theory – Its Levels and Functions – In Man and Psychoanalysis

April 19, 1994
Room 525, School of Theology
745 Commonwealth Ave

  • Jean Laplanche, University of Paris

    Commentator: Stanley Cavell, Harvard University

  • Chairman: Jeffrey Mehlman, Boston University

Are There Post-Modern Effects in Science? A Symposium

April 27-28, 1994
Barrister’s Hall, School of Law
765 Commonwealth Ave.

Wednesday 1pm – 5pm

  • The Resurrection of the Body

    Scott Gilbert, Swarthmore College

  • Post-Modernism and Immune Selfhood

    Alfred I. Tauber, Boston University

  • Pluralism, Relativism, and Post-Modernist Philosophy of Biology

    Timothy Shanahan, Loyola Marymount University

  • Shifting Valence of Organisms: From Telegraph to Computer

    Evelyn Fox Keller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Chairman: Evelyn Fox Keller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Wednesday 8pm

  • Political Metaphysics: Heidegger, The Question, and Post-Modernism

    Robert Pippin, University of Chicago

  • The Upshot for Literature

    Christopher Ricks, Boston University

  • Chairman: Alfred Tauber, Boston University

Thursday 2-5pm

  • Towards Defining the Place of Science in a Post-Modern World

    Lawrence Cahoone, Boston University

  • From Pre-Modern Reconstruction to Post-Modern Deconstruction: What Would a Modernist Historiography of Twentieth-Century Physics Have Been?

    Sahotra Sarkar, Dibner Institute

  • Post Modern Physics?

    Steven Weinberg, University of Texas

  • Chairman: Roger Shattuck, Boston University

Thursday 8pm

  • The Post-Modern Mode of Knowledge Reproduction: Technical, Responsible, Incommensurable

    Paul Forman, Smithsonian Institute and New York University

  • How Plastic is Science?

    Gerald Holton, Harvard University

  • Chairman: Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

The Rise of the Fifth Force

May 18, 1994
Room 525, School of Theology
745 Commonwealth Ave.

  • Allan Franklin, University of Colorado and Dibner Institute

    Commentator: Tien Yu Cao, Boston University and Dibner Institute

  • Chairman: S.S. Schweber, Brandeis University

Events in this year’s program were cosponsored by:
The Boston University Department of Philosophy,
The Dibner Institute for the History of Science,
The Boston University School of Medicine and Public Health, Law, Medicine, and Ethics Program
The Boston University Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures.