Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science
31st Annual Program

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What is Elementary Logic? An Inaugural Lecture

September 18, 1990
Terrace Lounge
George Sherman Union

  • Jaakko Hintikka, Boston University

    Commentator: Charles Parsons Harvard University

  • Chairman: Abner Shimony

    [In Association with the Department of Philosophy]

Struik on Struik: Some Fundamental Problems of the History and Sociology of Mathematics

October 9, 1990
Terrace Lounge
George Sherman Union

  • Dirk Struik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Commentators: Joan Richards Brown University

  • Barbara G. Rosencrantz, Harvard Univerisity

  • Silvan S. Schweber, Brandeis University

    Chairman: Robert S. Cohen

There are No Anti-Realists in the Laboratory

October 16, 1990
Terrace Lounge
George Sherman Union

  • Allan Franklin, University of Colorado

  • Chairman: Jeffrey Coulter

    [In Association with the Department of Sociology]

Lacan et Heidegger

October 17, 1990
East Balcony
George Sherman Union

  • Elisabeth Roudinesco, University of Paris

  • Chairman: Jeffrey Mehlman, Boston University

    [In Association with the Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures]

Numeration and the Number in Pronto-Cuneiform Symbolic Systems: The Mesopotamian Evidence in Favor of a Constructivist Perspective on the Origin of Number

October 30, 1990
Terrace Lounge
George Sherman Union

  • Peter Damerow, Max-Plank-Institut fur Bildungsforschung, Berlin

    Commentator: Judson Webb, Boston University and Robert Davis, Rutgers University

  • Chairman: Robert S. Cohen

Is the Sociology of Knowledge Fundamentally Mistaken?

November 6, 1990
Terrace Lounge
George Sherman Union

  • Robert Nola, University of Auckland and Boston University

    Commentator: Kurt Wolff Brandeis University

  • Chairman: Richard Sens

Locality, Imaginary Numbers, Bell’s Inequality, and Relativistic Quantum Field Theory

November 27, 1990
East Balcony
George Sherman Union

  • Simon Saunders, Harvard University

    Commentator: Abner Shimony Boston University

  • Chairman: Kenneth Brecher

Problem Doman, Taxonomy, and Comparativity in Histories of Science

December 4, 1990
Terrace Lounge
George Sherman Union

  • Dawie Fu, National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan

    Commentator: Peter Buck Harvard University

  • Chairman: Thomas Glick

The Meaning of General Covariance: The Hole Story

January 22, 1991
Terrace Lounge
George Sherman Union

  • John Stachel, Boston University

    Commentator: Stanley Deser Brandeis University

  • Chairman: Charles Willis

Scientific Explanation in the Phaedo

January 29, 1991
Terrace Lounge
George Sherman Union

  • Christopher Rowe, University of Bristol

    Commentator: Martha Nussbaum Brown University

  • Chairman: Aryeh L. Motzkin

Evolutionary Implications of Epigenetic Inheritance

February 12, 1991
Terrace Lounge
George Sherman Union

  • Eva Jablonka, Tel Aviv University

    Commentator: Ernst Mayr Harvard University

  • Chairman: Alfred Tauber

Rethinking the Scientific Revolution

February 26, 1991
Terrace Lounge
George Sherman Union

  • Peter Barker, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

    Commentator: Jurgen Renn Boston University

  • Chairman: Owen Gingerich

On Writing Scientific Biographies

March 12, 1991
Terrace Lounge
George Sherman Union

  • Silvan S. Schweber, Brandeis University

    Commentator: Roger Shattuck Boston University

  • Chairman: Victor Kestenbaum

Haldane, Fisher, Wright, and Evolutionary Biology

March 19, 1991
Terrace Lounge
George Sherman Union

  • Sahotra Sarkar, Boston University

    Commentator: Richard Lewontin Harvard University

  • Chairman: Robert Tamarin

In Memory of Hans Reichenbach: A Centenary Symposium

April 2, 1991
745 Commonwealth Ave, Boston University
Emerson Hall, Harvard University

  • Michael Friedman, University of Illinois, Chicago Circle

  • Adolf Grunbaum, University of Pittsburgh

  • Wesley Salmon, University of Pittsburgh

  • Abner Shimony, Boston University

  • Hilary Putnam, Harvard University

  • Ruth Anna Putnam, Wellesley College

  • Guests of Honor: C.G. Hempel and Maria Reichenbach
  • Chairman: Robert S. Cohen
    [In association with the Department of Philosophy, Harvard University]

How Crucial is the Quest for Consensus?

April 9, 1991
Room 525
School of Theology

  • Nicholas Rescher, University of Pittsburgh

    Commentator: James Schmidt Boston University

  • Chairman: Klaus Brinkmann

The Philosophy and History of Molecular Biology: New Perspectives

April 15-16, 1992

  • The Development and Spread of Molecular Genetics in the United Kingdom

    Robert Olby 

  • The Transition from Biochemistry to Molecular Biology

    Richard Burian 

  • Molecular Biology in the 1950’s: Recollections and Reflections

    Matthew Meselon 

  • TBA

    Joshua Lederberg 

  • Schools of Thought and Research Traditions in Molecular Biology

    Pnina Abir-Am 

  • The Molecularization of Developmental Biology: A History

    Scott Gilbert 

  • Representing, Interviewing, and Molecularizing

    Lily Kay 

  • Reduction and Anti-Reduction in the History of Molecular Biology

    Sahotra Sarkar 

  • Molecular Biology in France: Historical Case Studies

    Doris Zallen 

  • TBA

    Kenneth Schaffner 

  • Recombinant DNA and Social Concerns During the Seventies

    Jonathan Beckwith 

  • The Scientific Origins of the Human Genome Initiative

    Walter Gilbert