Harrison (Hap) Farber, MD

CORT Associate Director; Project 2 PIHap

Institution:  Boston University School of Medicine

Academic Rank:  Professor of Medicine

Medical school/Degree/Year:  George Washington University School of Medicine/MD/1977

Mailing address:  72 East Concord Street, R-304, Boston, MA 02118

Email:  hfarber@bu.edu

Phone:  617.638.4860

Summary of academic interest:  My academic interest in pulmonary hypertension

CORT Project summary:  My project will determine molecules of interest that may be important and/or predictive in the development of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) in patients with scleroderma. We will also attempt to find molecules that predict response to certain medications used to treat PAH.

Recent publications relevant to the CORT:

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