If you choose to partner with Boston University on a strategic, multi-dimensional level, a relationship manager will help you put together a comprehensive investment strategy. Below are a few examples of how companies have chosen to invest with BU.


Reaching a total of $366.3 million in 2012, sponsored research expenditure supports more than 1,600 externally funded research programs in fields ranging from astronomy to African studies at BU. Explore the various research centers at Boston University. If you want to find out more about technology transfer, please contact the Office of Technology Development.

In-kind gifts

Donations of equipment, supplies, and software provide significant benefits to the University’s academic and service programs.

Matching gift program

Your company can multiply the benefits of your employees’ charitable donations. The University receives matching gifts from hundreds of corporations every year. Search the database at to find out if your organization participates in our matching gift program.

Student scholarships

Help support excellent students in financial need while connecting with future recruitment candidates.

Naming opportunities for buildings and labs

Companies that want to make permanent and highly visible contributions to the University can consider naming opportunities for research laboratories, academic centers, or campus buildings.