Transgenic Center

The Boston University Transgenic Facility was established to assist investigators in the generation of transgenic and knock-out mice. The facility performs embryonic injections of DNA or embryonic stem cells for the production of genetically altered animal models. This is done through the use of a Leitz inverted microscope, which gives the injectionist the 3 dimensional views necessary for the introduction of DNA or es cells into an embryo. This technically difficult process is done with the aid of a micro injector, which uses air pressure to aid in the introduction of the desired amount of DNA. Once the embryos are injected they are implanted into foster mothers.

Experienced personnel, under a leica dissection scope, perform this microsurgical technique. The Transgenic facility also offers a number of other services including, but not limited to cryopreservation of embryos, and rederivation of mouse lines infected with pathogens. The cryopreservation of embryos is done by slowly freezing the embryos to -80 degrees at a rate of .5 degrees per minute.

This process is made possible by the use of the facilities Kryo 10 controlled rate freezer. Once frozen embryos are kept in a biological storage container, where they can remain until the transgenic or KO line is once again needed for research. Please visit our website for more information on all of our services, or contact us for scientific help needed to pursue your project.

Announcement: BUMC Transgenic Core has New Scientific Director


Kenn Albrecht, Ph.D., Scientific Director

Greg Martin, B.S., Core Manager

Phone: 617-638-5270
Fax: 617-638-5271


Center for Advance Biomedical Research (CABR)
700 Albany Street, Room 917
Boston, MA 02118

Monday – Friday
7:30 AM to 6:00 PM


Specialized Instruments

  • Kryo 10 – Used for cryopreserving embryos.
  • Leitz inverted microscope – Injection of DNA and ES cells into mouse embryos.
  • Microinjector – System for the delivery of DNA into pronucleus of mouse embryo.
  • Micropipette puller – Makes needles for injection of DNA.
  • Cell Tram – Manipulation of embryos and es cells.

Other Instruments

  • CO2 Incubator- Provides environment for embryos before implantation.
  • Warm plate-Helps regulate animals body temp. post-op.
  • Vortex-Mixing reagents, and re-suspention of DNA
  • Leitz dissection microscope- Isolation of embryos from oviduct, implantation of     embryos.
  • Autoclave- sterilization of surgical instruments
  • Scales-weighing of animals for dosing purposes, and weighing of reagents.
  • Electrophoresis machine-DNA quantitation
  • Refrigerator-storage of samples and media,reagents, etc.
  • Surgical packs-Isolation and implantation of embryos.
  • Water bath-digestion, and resuspension of DNA
  • Thermolyne biological storage – embryo storage.


New charges as of 10.1.06 are:

  • $2,800 per Trasngenic Project
  • $3,000 per Knockout Project