SPR Core Facility

The Surface Plasmon Resonance Core Facility at Boston University Medical Campus is equipped with a Biorad ProteOn XPR 36 system.

The ProteOn protein interaction array system is an SPR optical biosensor that provides real-time data on the affinity, specificity, and kinetics of protein interactions. Using XPR multiplexing technology, this system generates a 6 x 6 interaction array for the simultaneous analysis of up to six ligands and six analytes. This integrated system eliminates the need for radiochemical or fluorescent labels. Applications include antibody characterization and development, drug development, and protein complex and cascade analysis.

In a single run this system is able to:

  • Analyze up to 36 different protein interactions on a single chip
  • Perform a complete kinetic analysis
  • Measure a variety of experimental conditions simultaneously
  • Screen multiple panels of analytes



Celeste Rich
Lab Manager
TEL: 617-638-4363
Email: cbrich@bu.edu
Boston University School of Medicine
Silvio O. Conte Medical Research Building
K -206
71 East Concord St.
Boston, MA 02118

* For more information view the manufacturer’s brochure.


Instrument usage: $231 per day (for trained users)*

Training: $69 per hour

*Only trained users are permitted to operate the instrument

Hours of operation

Monday and Tuesday from 9 AM to 5 PM