IVIS Imaging Core

The IVIS Imaging Core is equipped with a Xenogen IVIS Imaging System  – with Fluorescence Kit, Anesthesia System, and Living Image Acquisition/Analysis Package. The  primary use of the instrumentation is to non-invasively monitor bio-luminescence and fluorescence in 3 dimensions within small animal models (rats and  mice) although the instrument may also be used to assay comparatively sized tissue volumes post animal retrieval for specimens from larger animals. The instrument is able to non-invasively monitor up to 5 mice at once and monitor in vivo multiple fluorescent and bio-luminescent reporters simultaneously. The system also includes a Living Image Acquisition/Analysis Software Package, allowing for advanced quantification and analysis of all data acquired in 3 dimensions from each animal.

Applications of the system include:

    • Tracking of bio-luminescent or fluorescently tagged cancer cells to monitor growth and metastasis.
    • Monitor all forms of cell transplant experiments to quantify engraftment, cell growth or cell differentiation, including studies of stem cell transplants, reconstitution of hematological and immune systems after irradiation.
    • Monitor the in vivo gene activity in transgenic animals carrying appropriately tagged promoter indicator trangenes.
    • Monitor in vivo gene activities in cells that have been reconstituted to carry a bio luminescent or fluorescently tagged expressed gene.
    • Monitor any form of biochemical activity that can be assayed using a bio-luminescent or fluorescently tagged substrate.


      Thomas Balon, Ph.D., Core Director
      E-mail: tombalon@bu.edu
      Office: 617-414-2978; IVIS: 617-638-0184



      Location Hours Technician Availability Rates
      IVIS Spectrum W-913, 700 Albany 24/7 by appointment $35 unassisted
      $50 with assistance
      IVIS Work Station X440, bench 7, 650 Albany
      Contact Andrew Dewing for lab access before 9 AM & after 5 PM
      24/7 by appointment N/A

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