Infrared Imaging Core

Welcome to the Department of Microbiology Infrared Imaging for Quantitative Analysis Core.

The Infrared Imaging for Quantitative Analysis Core was formed to give investigators access to the LiCor Odyssey CLx, an infrared imaging system for quantitative Western Blot analysis. The Odyssey CLx infrared fluorescent detection system offers multiple advantages over traditional chemiluminescent detection:

  • A wide linear dynamic range while delivering accurate quantitative measurements
  • Multiplex detection, i.e.  detection of strong and weak bands in one exposure.
  • No need of multiple exposures
  • Sensitivity equal or greater than film
  • Cost savings – no dark room maintenance or film development costs
  • Environmentally friendly – no washes and chemical waste

The Infrared Imaging for Quantitative Analysis Core provides access to the machine and analysis software, as well as training for new users, and technical support when needed.


Location Rate
LiCor Odyssey CLx (brochure) L-508A $14 per blot