High Throughput Screening Core

The BU High Throughput Screening Core is a centralized, staffed facility capable of medium-to-high-throughput screening in support of biological research. The infrastructure within the Screening Core enables multiple assay formats and readouts, designed to produce the most relevant experimental outcomes for a given project. Read more on the typical Screening Core Project Flow.

The Screening Core enables screening techniques most relevant to the BU research community, and features not only standard, target-based screening techniques (such as enzymatic assays, radiometric or spectrometric binding assays, and receptor-coupled assays), but also a functional screening platform (fxHTS), a whole cell-based assay that measures cellular endpoints, such as secreted proteins, fat content, or metabolic markers such as O2 consumption, CO2 generation, pH variation, etc.

The Screening Core will provide equipment, expertise, and training to researchers within the University who wish to utilize the Core. A key aspect of the Core will be training; all screens will be designed, optimized, and executed by the visiting researcher in collaboration with the Screening Core staff.


  • To provide the equipment and expertise in high-throughput screening techniques to University Researchers.
  • To promote a unique training environment that will expose postdoctoral and graduate researchers to the techniques of high-throughput assay design and screening execution.
  • To provide University researchers with a means by which novel biological targets and pathways can be linked to small molecule modulators of these targets and pathways. We will work with the Medicinal Chemistry and Core Synthesis Facility (MCCSF) to achieve this aim.
Contact Location
Kathy Geoghegan-Barek
Email: kbarek@bu.edu
670 Albany Street
2nd Floor, Room 227
Boston, MA 02118


Use of the devices/equipment in this core is by request and organized by an online scheduling program.

Small Molecule Screen

Assays will be designed and optimized in the lab of the biological investigator. The responsibility for the screen will transfer to the screening facility once the screen has been validated, automated and miniaturized. The Biological investigator is required to participate throughout the screening campaign.

Compound Library

Library Type
Number of Compounds
CMLD-BU Natural-like ~3,000
Enzo Life Sciences FDA Approved 640
Enzo Life Sciences ICCB known bioactives 480
Enamine Diversity subset 20,000
ChemBridge Diversity subset 2,000
BioFocus DPI NIH Clinical Collection 466
Specs Natural Products 400
TimTec Natural Products 640
AnalyticCon Natural Products 518
HBERC Secondary Metabolites 50

The compound library is only available to investigators who run their HTS campaign at the BU HTS facility.

Plate Reader – Tecan, INFINITE M1000 PRO

The INFINITE M1000 PRO is a fully automatic, computer controlled, multifunctional, monochromator-based microplate reader.  In addition to offering absorbance and fluorescence intensity measurements, this plate reader is also capable of reading fluorescence polarization, luminescence and Amplified Luminescent Proximity Homogeneous Assays (AlphaScreen and AlphaLISA)

Temperature Control- From 4 degrees C above ambient up to 42 degrees C

Dual optical channels allow measurements from above or below the plate.

Plate washer – Bio-Tek Instruments, ELx50 Auto Strip washer

The ELx50 Auto Strip Washer is a self contained and programmable instrument, allowing for full control of precise fluidic delivery from the gentle dripping of a simple squeeze bottle to the full force of pressure delivery systems.

Rate: BU: Self – $20/ 30 minutes, Assisted – $45/ 30 minutes

Letter of Support

We are happy to provide investigators with a letter of support for grants which are intended to fund a screen.