Biomedical Imaging Center

The Center for Biomedical Imaging Center (CBI) at the Boston University Medical Center provides advanced biomedical imaging capabilities for Boston University investigators and beyond.

It houses a brand new 3 Tesla Philips MRI scanner for functional, structural, diffusion, and spectroscopic studies in humans and animals. The center combines unique expertise ranging from biomedical imaging and neurosciences to magnetic resonance physics and software engineering.


Ronald J. Killiany, Ph.D
Evans Biomedical Research Center (X-Building)
650 Albany Street, X-B01 (Take far elevator to floor “BR”)
Boston, MA 02118
Phone: 617-638-8082 (direct)

For assisted MRI scans:
Monday – Friday
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

For information and consulting:
Any time per email and/or phone


3T MRI Scanner
  • One 3 Tesla 6-channel Philips parallel imaging MRI scanner for functional, diffusion, structural, and spectroscopic studies for humans and large animals (e.g. from primates to felines/rabbits).
  • Rates: $550/hour for assisted and $500/hour for unassisted scans.
Mock Scanner
  • One full-scale mock scanner (with including sound and vibration simulation) for subject training and preparation.
  • Rates: Free access.
Auxiliary Instruments
  • MRI compatible eye tracker; MRI compatible responses buttons/trackball; Instruments for visual and auditory stimulations; MRI compatible, noise cancelled microphone; physiological monitoring devices for animal studies; ~10 high-end PCs for data analyses.
Auxiliary Services (per customer request)
  • MRI safety training (free); Introduction to MRI data analyses (free); Data backup/handling (free); Setting up new MRI studies (free); Development of custom-designed software tools for MRI data analyses (fee based)