Core Humanities for Summer Term students.

Core is a community of people who love books and ideas, and love to talk about them. Core classes are offered in small seminars with weekly lectures to be heard online. The Core faculty are drawn from diverse departments and backgrounds, and are especially committed to working closely with their students in exploration of classical texts in one-on-one discussion.

For students in large and demanding majors, Core provides an opportunity to complement required coursework with studies in different subject areas. For students who are undeclared, and for students considering a change of major, Core is especially favorable, since it allows you to use CAS requirements to explore many different subjects. Additionally, Core classes count as equivalency credit for many majors.

An extensive library of course support material, including text references, a video archive of past Core Humanities lectures, and more than twenty years of model student writing in the Core Journal, means students in our summer courses are well equipped for academic success, as well as an enjoyable seminar experience.

Note: If you were a Core student who took CC 101 or 102 but didn’t have room in your schedule for the other course of the first-year Humanities sequence, you can take the missing course in the summer, to get back on track to receive your Core transcript annotation and eligibility for Core Honors.