Kyna Hamill

Kyna HamillHon. B.A., University of Ottawa
M.A., University of Alberta
Ph.D., Tufts University

Kyna Hamill received her PhD in Theatre History from Tufts University. She specializes in iconography of the Commedia dell’arte, theatre and war, and theatre semiotics. She has published articles in Print Quarterly, Theatre Symposium and The Performance of Violence in Contemporary Ireland. She also edited They Fight: Classical to Contemporary Stage Fight Scenes, a collection of stage combat scenes, with special attention paid to diverse weaponry and scenes for women. Professor Hamill teaches in the Humanities area of Core and contributes to the MFA guide for CC 101 and CC 102. She also teaches dramatic literature in the English Department.

Her current research project, Staging War from Troy to Iraq, explores how theatre confronts the topic of war across a broad historical, cultural and performative spectrum. Her favorite books in Core are Gilgamesh, the Aeneid and Don Quixote.