Student Leadership and Awards

Core students have traditionally played an important role among the “BU 500,” the undergraduates notable for their leadership, participation, and engagement with the university community as a whole. Among the various responsibilities that Core students have often undertaken are positions as Deans Hosts, Admissions Ambassadors, First Year Experience (FYE) Peer Advisors, Summer Student Advisors, FYSOP Coordinators and Resident Assistants. We are delighted to give students information, advice and, where appropriate, recommendations when applying for these positions.

Among the awards specific to Core are the Core Mentoring Fellowship, in which advanced Core students and juniors and seniors who have graduated from Core take a leadership role in working academically with their first year colleagues, the Core Polytropos Award, for outstanding graduating seniors, and the Devlin Award for the best first year paper. Thanks to the generosity of Core Alumni and the BU Philhellenes, Core is also able to offer scholarships for the summer study opportunity in Greece.