Our Learning Community

The heart of Core is in the classroom, but as we all learn together, we also study together.

Every Sunday, from 3-6 pm the Core Office is open as a general Study Lounge. Students take advantage of the quiet space, free coffee, tea and hot chocolate, and the Core Library which houses background and critical works of particular importance to the works studied in Core. Core Mentors, advanced Core students and graduates who have been awarded one of the highly selective Core Mentoring Fellowships, hold office hours here as well, and are ready to help, particularly in regard to the Core Natural Science classes.

Also unique to the Core learning community are the Writing Fellows and Writing Center. Each first year Humanities seminar, capped at 18 students, has an individual, specially trained graduate student, from a variety of disciplines, who works with the faculty member to provide detailed one-on-one help with writing. Fellows also hold regular office-hours in the Writing Center and conduct All-Core writing workshops on topics such as developing a thesis, use of sources, and crafting a persuasive argument. Students from throughout Core may also drop in to the Writing Center or make an appointment at any time for writing help. Writing Fellows attend lecture, participate in class, and are familiar with the works read, but they do not substitute for faculty.

Finally, the staff in the Core Office is always ready to help, whether the problem is how to find a classroom, which Core seminar to pick, or whether Gilgamesh or Abraham is the greater hero. The staff consists of present and former Core students from a wide variety of majors and experiences at BU and their presence, together with the any students who just drop by, means that there is always someone to answer any question.

For an introduction to the Mentors, Writing Fellows, and Office Staff please use the tabs at right.