Core and the BU Hub

hub-for-factsheetLike the programs of study offered through the College of General Studies and Kilachand Honors College, the CAS Core Curriculum allows students to fulfill most or all Hub requirements within a distinctive community of learning.

Students may take all of Core to satisfy all their Hub requirements, or can use individual Core courses to satisfy particular Hub requirements. Joining Core does not take extra room in your schedule since Core serves to fulfill your BU Hub and writing requirements. Students register for Core courses in the same way they would for classes from any other department. Students who choose to take only part of the Core will be able to satisfy their remaining Hub requirements by taking courses from other departments, including electives and courses required for a major or minor.

How students experience learning in the Hub is up to them! The Hub program is designed to integrate with a student’s major studies while encouraging exploration, both in and outside of their major. Correspondingly, Core is designed to give students the opportunity for full and deep involvement in an distinctive community of faculty, students, and alumni, while preserving the flexibility to select a pathway of classes and experiences that suits each individual course of study.

The reasons students elect to use Core classes to fulfill their Hub requirements vary, but the following feedback from real students is characteristic:

  • The Core program truly epitomises what I want from my college experience.
  • From the moment I heard about Core at Open House, I knew it was a community I wanted to join.
  • As a neuroscience major on the pre-med track, Core provides me with the perfect blend of arts and sciences. I think it is sad that some people think they have to “give up” on one of the pair to focus on their goals. With Core, I do not have to sacrifice my love for the arts for my desire to one day enter the medical field, as it seamlessly blends my major with classes of my choosing.
  • The Core courses dealing with social forces and economics provide a substantial background to help me understand the courses in my Economics major.
  • My major is Philosophy and Physics, which is already an interdisciplinary approach to my studies. Core then is my way of getting a complete and thorough background in foundational materials in the sciences and humanities.
  • Core learning is foundational to my long-term goals, from my major in international relations, to my ambition to work for the State Department or the UN.

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Core courses are designed to build on one another. Therefore, students typically take Core classes in order, two classes per semester over the course of their first two years, satisfying their Hub and writing requirements early on. Students who don’t plan to take all of the Core nonetheless typically take their Core classes in their first years at BU, and typically take the classes in numerical sequence. However, no one pathway through the Core is “right”, let along mandatory. Core courses can be taken in any semester during a student’s time at BU. Some students spread Core courses out across four years of study, and students who elect to pursue Core Honors or the Core Minor may spend time in their junior or senior years satisfying those additional requirements.

Most incoming first-year students submit their Core entrance application before they register for classes at Summer Orientation. However, current students are able to enroll for Core classes any point during their time at BU, whether to earn elective credit, satisfy Hub requirements, or to partake in the Core seminar experience.