Core Housing

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Core students often say that Core functions like a college-within-the-college, a tight-knit community of shared interest and experiences. It is no surprise then that many students apply to live in one of the Core specialty community residence areas. Specialty community houses and floors are communities created and continued by students with the support and involvement of faculty and staff.

Students enrolled in any Core classes may apply for a Core Floor spot in Warren Towers, or for a bed in the Core House in South Campus. In the Core housing areas, residents participate in a community enlivened by late-night conversations of the great questions dealt with in Core courses; by trips to the Museum of Fine Arts with housemates, or group dinners with floormates; study sessions and in-house movie screenings with faculty members; and other academic and social activities.

Are you an incoming or prospective student? For a tour of the Core floors or the Core House, contact the office staff so we can put you in touch with the current Resident Assistants assigned to the Core specialty housing areas. For more information about specialty community residences, contact the Office of Residence Life at 617-353-4380, or visit any residence office.

First-year students do not need to apply to live in Specialty Housing. In order to be considered for a spot on the Core Floor or in the Core House, they only need to select it as their top choice through the New Student Housing Application, which they have access to after paying the enrollment deposit.

After the first year, all residents must submit the application for specialty housing found here.

Your Core Resident Assistants for AY2019-20 are Alex Lo (Warren) and Amy Wu (South).

Click here to see the layout of the Core House on the BU Housing webpage.