EnCore Alumni Association

EnCore is the official association of Core alumni. It was founded in 2008 by an alumni steering committee working in concert with the BU Alumni office and a group of senior Core faculty. Since then, EnCore has established a Facebook group, held receptions, gone to Fenway and the MFA, met for numerous book club meetings, and in other ways worked to develop and extend a feeling of community among Core alumni.

The members of the steering committe invite alumni to let them know how the Core alumni association should function. Additionally, they’d like to know where you are now, what distinctive memories you have of the Core, and how best to stay in touch with you as your lives and careers develop and flourish.

History of EnCore

In May of 2008, Prof. David Eckel, director of the Core Curriculum, convened a group of Core Curriculum alumni, faculty, and students to discuss forming a Core Curriculum alumni association. Subsequently, an alumni group called EnCore formed with an expressed purpose of building a community of Core graduates and students so that alumni can benefit from the Core experience even after graduation. In academic year 2008-9, EnCore was launched with a schedule of programs that included a reception for Reunion and Alumni Weekend, a Winterfest Alumni College Aristophanes performance led by Professor Nelson, a “Core in the Professions” talk with alumnus Benjamin Flaim (CAS ’00), and a summer reception and Red Sox game. Similar events were held during academic year 2009-10, including reception for students, faculty, and alumni in October and January, another trip to Fenway Park, and the first sessions of an alumni reading group. In October 2009, EnCore formalized its steering committee and composed a mission statement for EnCore, namely, that its aim is “to make the Core a lifelong connection for alumni by serving them in four ways: 1) Creating opportunities for continued education and intellectual growth; 2) Enabling alumni connections with the present Core community; 3) Promoting alumni mentoring and professional networking; and 4) Providing a variety of opportunities for alumni to support Core.

The committee also discussed forming EnCore chapter groups in major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles and New York, and in conducting a survey of Core alumni to determine what program options should take priority. The committee is excited about the prospect of a strong and vibrant Core alumni community in keeping with Core’s philosophy for the shaping of a life.