Boston Book Club

All members of the Core alumni community, and their guests, are welcome to join us when we meet on the first Wednesday of each month to discuss that month’s book selection.

Each month, a different book club member selects the book for the next gathering. Selections are Core related, and suitable for casual, fun, and intelligent discussions. The person who selects the book will come to the next gathering with a couple of questions to help kick-start the discussion.

These gatherings are meant to be casual and fun. Everyone is welcome to attend, even if you do not finish the book for that month, or if you don’t think you have any particularly brilliant insights about the book to share. There are no grades, no papers, and no judgments. Just books, and drinks, and cheese, and thoughts, and laughs, and fun with a group of Core friends.

To be a part of the Book Club, join the EnCore Facebook group, and look for an event invitation to the next session!